Welcome to the homepage of Emuholic Software by me, Guyfawkes. Over the past several years I have been involved with the hombrew software scene for a variety of handheld consoles such as the GBA, GP32, DS, PSP and Zodiac. My interest started after running my homebrew news site Emuholic, after seeing all the great homebrew software being made I got interested and started my first homebrew game on the GBA.

On this site you can find all the projects I have created or been involved in. The full list of software can be found on the Projects page linked on the left.

Time flies when your having fun...

July 15th 2008

No updates since November 2007! You can blame the Xbox 360 for that, bought one and all my nearly free hobby time has been spent on it :) In the remaining time I have been kinda working on my next homebrew project which will be for the soon to be released possible king of handhelds the Pandora.

If you havent heard about the Pandora, it is an handheld console, 140 x 83 x 27 mm in size (slightly bigger than a DS lite) with a OMAP3530 CPU, PowerVR SGX GPU, 128MB RAM and a 4.3" 800x480 screen! You can read more about the Pandora on its homepage at http://www.openpandora.org/.

I guess I should announce my next game now :) I am addicted to Picross on the DS but I have completed all the levels and need more to satisfy my hunger! So I have started coding a Picross game for the Pandora, currently the game is developed using SDL on the PC with Pandora specs kept in mind (800x480 resolution etc) so that when the SDL libs are ready for the Pandora it should mostly be a fairly quick few changes such as input to get it up and running... I hope :)

The majority of the main game engine is complete, I cant completely finish this part yet as I need to run the game on hardware to check font sizes, lines and other graphics are displaying OK and are not too small or hard to read. The game will feature a level creator so you can make your own and if all goes well be able to upload and download levels over the internet as well as post your fastest times on a online leaderboard. The online stuff is not a definite yet as I have never done any coding with online data so dont hold your breath just yet!

I might be making this game a VERY cheap commercial game. The Pandora makers are opening a developers fund which aims to help coders finacially with a small donation depending on the software, it is not massive amounts but I do not expect to earn massive amounts selling the game either :)

One more thing before I go, I get quite a few emails or posts about when the next GBAX coding competition will be as it is usually held early to mid year. The good news is GBAX 2008 will hopefully be starting in September/October. The main reason is that Craig is very busy with the Pandora launch and has very little time to help judge the entries, also we want to include the Pandora into the competition as well as the iPhone for the first time. Craig and myself are really going to push the boat out this year and we want this to be the most successful competition in our several year history. You can read more about the GBAX coding competitions at http://gbax.gp2x.de/.

Thats all for now! If you want to play some games on Xbox Live feel free to add me to your Friends List, my gamertag is 'Emuholic' also add a message when requesting to say you are from this site as I keep getting idiots who I beat on Halo 3 requesting to be a friend ;)

Yahtzee GP2X v2.0

November 30th 2007

As mentioned last week I was planning to update one of my first GP2X games from when the GP2X was first released. It was originally a port of my GP32 game Yahtzee and due to the early development kit for the GP2X the port wasn't that great. So now the F-200 is out, touch screen is perfect for the game and although I do not own a F-200 I wanted an up to date version for myself and others to enjoy.

The game has the following changes:

- Brand new layout and design for the game. Menus and in game look totally different and are much nicer and easier to read.
- F-200 Touch Screen and USB Mouse are now fully supported.
- Media player from Squares is now used so you can play your favourite MP3, OGG and (I think) MOD format music.
- Added SFX for the dice roll. I didnt put much SFX as you should be bangin' out your tunes :)
- Added animation for the dice roll.
- High Score table added.
- PDF user guide.
- Minor bug fixes.

Please read the user guide on how to set up the media player, by default it searches the /audio/ subfolder on your SD Card. I hope you enjoy the new version, you can download it from the GP2X Archive here. Donations are appreciated so if you like the game don't forget! You can download the release from my Yahtzee information page.

Round Em Up cancelled

November 19th 2007

Due to lack of interest on a alpha release I have decided to stop work on Round Em Up. I have release a fully playable version of the game which you can download from the GP2X Archive here. You can read more about the game on its information page here.

Round Em Up announced

July 18th 2007

I have been meaning to officially announce my next new main project for some time but I havent got around to making the information page. The game is called Round Em Up and is a arcade puzzle style game where you must guide the sheep back home to the sheep pen by adding or removing bushes. Full details can be found on the information page here.

GBAX Coding Competition entry: Escapa

July 18th 2007

I always try and make an entry for fun in the GBAX Coding Competitions and this year I set myself a challenge to create a game from scratch in under three hours. The final result was a game based on a Javascript game called Escapa. Full details can be found here.

GBAX Coding Competition finished

July 18th 2007

I have no time to update this page but the coding competition ended just over a week ago. You can find all the entries on the new homepage at http://gbax.gp2x.de.

GBAX Coding Competition has started

May 8th 2007

The GBAX Coding Competition joint run between GBAX and my site Emuholic has started. It is open to GP2X, GP32, DS and PSP and games, emulators, applications and demos can be entered. Full details can be found at http://www.gbax.com/2007/.

If I get the time I will try and make something to enter for fun, at the moment my main new project is taking up all my free time but it wont be ready for a while yet. It's nearly ready to get an official announcement so check back later in the week for the details.

Crap Games Competition Winners Announced

April 24th 2007

Quick bit of news today, the winners of the Crap Games Competition run by Nickspoon have been announced. I came third place which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it. Check out the results at http://nickspoon.phpnet.us/gp2xcgc/.

Back later in the week hopefully with more news on GBAX 2007 and my new game.

Long time no see !

April 11th 2007

Nearly three months without updates! I spent most of them not coding as since the compo late last year I had enough of coding and needed a break. I am itching to get back to coding again and will be starting my next game in a week or so, more info on that soon.

I made a new logo for the site which is now unleashed on poor unsuspecting visitors :) I have been playing around with Paint Shop Pro (not ready for Photoshop yet!) and once you work through a few tutorials its fairly easy to use. It doesnt help me design better though :)

Main reason for this update is to say the GBAX 2007 coding competition will be starting later this week. It is the fifth year of this great competition run by gp2x.co.uk (formerly gbax.com) and my site emuholic.com. This year GP2X, GP32, PSP and DS entries are allowed so it should be an interesting competition. Stay tuned for more updates later in the week!

Squares wins first place in GP2X Communnity Game Contest

January 23rd 2007

Last night the winners for the GP2X Community Game Contest were announced and I have only gone and won first place with my entry Squares! I would like to say thanks to the competition host PSyMastR, and to the judges and last but not least to the people who donated to the prize fund. And a massive thanks to the beta testers of Squares, they gave me grief finding loads of bugs but that's their job and they done it great. So a big thanks to dgrams2000, THB, Matt Cocker, Goemon4, Xythen, Shane, X.XaM_MaX.X and Anppa!

I am working on the next release of Square to finish off what I started. If you have any feedback on the game please post it here.

GP2X Crap Games Competition entered + Squares news

January 3rd 2007

I entered Nickspoon's Quite Frankly Astounding GP2X Crap Games Competition last week with two entries (I was very bored :)). The idea of the competition is to create a really crap game, the best crap game wins a Toffee Crisp and 20 pence. I have created a page here with both of my entries, they are really bad so only download if you want a laugh!

Back to normal games news and I have been doing a bit of work on Squares. I have fixed some more minor bugs and added a couple of new features, nothing much just yet but I hope by later in the month to have much more work done.

Squares released

December 20th 2006

The competition entries (see below post) have now been released to the public and since then I have updated my entry Squares to fix a couple of bugs that have been found. You can find out more information about the game and download it from the Squares page here.

Squares entered in the GP2X Community Coding Compo

December 15th 2006

I submitted my latest game for the GP2X, Squares, into the GP2X Community Coding Competition. I have no idea how the game will do as there hasnt been any mention of the other entries (was over 10 last I heard).

I have put online the Squares information page here but the game will remain unreleased until next week when the competition entries are announced and available to download. In between now and then I will work a bit more on the game and possibly have a new release a day or two after the compo release.

New design and next game announced

November 1st 2006

Two news items today. First is that I have changed the design of the site to the one you are currently looking at. It's much nicer than the previous one and easier to modify to my own needs. I do however need a new logo so if you can help out please contact me via the contact page for more information. I will decide on the best one from of any submissions I receive.

The second news is that I have officially announced my next game which if all goes well should be available for the GP2X, PC and possibly in the future DS and/or the PSP. The game is called Squares and is based on a Flash game of the same name which you can find here. My game will feature the original remade version and a few new modes which include a level based game which features power ups and bosses amongst other things. The game is still in the early stage of design and development but is already playable to an extent. If possible I hope to get the game finished in time for the GP2X Community Coding Competition in December. I will update with the progress on the game in a week or two, hopefully with a video/screenshots and further information.

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