Updates a plenty

October 21st 2006

First up is a new version of the GP2X User Guide. Amongst the changes are a redesigned layout of the guide which looks a bit nicer (I hope) and a new firmware update guide which now has two seperate sections for updating to v2.0.0 and to v2.1.0 as they are slightly different. The guide has also been updated with the new features found in firmware v2.1.0 and two new sections have been added, one for GP2X Menu Skins and the second for the Breakout Board. Finally I have updated the development introduction section with a new setup I created. More information on its page here.

Second news is a new project I am working on which is a package of SDL Libs for the GP2X. It contains all the latest source code builds for SDL and its commonly used libs such as sdl_mixer, sdl_ttf etc. Theres no page here for it at the moment but you can read more information and the downloads here.

Last but not least is a new version of my SDL Test Program which is used as an example program to test out your dev setup on the GP2X. More information and the downloads can be found on its page here.

Deal or No Deal v1.2

October 4th 2006

Another update for Deal or No Deal which fixes some bugs. I think its bug free now so will be the last release for the moment while I work on some other projects. You can download it from the GP2X Archive here.

Deal or No Deal v1.1

September 26th 2006

I released an update to Deal or No Deal to version 1.1. This fixes some reported bugs and adds a couple of new features. You can download it from the GP2X Archive page here.

Deal or No Deal released

September 22nd 2006

Deal or No Deal v1.0 is finally released! I hope you enjoy the game and don't forget to send any comments or feedback, full details and the downloads can be found on the information page here.

Deal or No Deal WIP

September 9th 2006

I sent out the final beta of Deal or No Deal to the beta testers. If all goes well the game should be released sometime next week. I also forgot to update the site a few weeks ago with a preview video of the game, you can download it here.

July 22nd 2006

I released a small update to the GP2X version of Yahtzee. Somehow I forgot to add a Pause screen in the game, so you can now quit the current game without having to reboot, thanks to Classic Gamer for pointing this out. You can download this release from the Yahtzee page here.

July 18th 2006

Mostly finished the menus and a few other things on Deal Or No Deal. It is looking on track for a public release at the end of July or August at the latest. I have updated the Deal Or No Deal page with several new screenshots of the game.

Sometime in the next few days I will be asking for help with some graphics that need to be done (as I cant draw to save my life!). I will update here with more information.

July 6th 2006

Work is well underway to get Deal Or No Deal finished. The past couple of days I have been working on the menus and other non main game stuff. The game is about 70% complete now and I hope to get the first public version ready by the end of July or August.

June 29th 2006

Quick status update for my Deal Or No Deal game for the GP2X. I have been very busy over the past couple of weeks (blame the Word Cup!) and had no time to work on it. I hope to get started working on it again very soon

June 29th 2006

My software homepage is finally finished and online. Took ages to get around to making so I hope you like it.