Software Bug Reports:

You can submit bug reports on the Emuboards forum here (Guest posting allowed). Please give as much detail as possible such as the Game Name, Version you are using, how you caused the bug, what it does etc.

General Questions:

You can ask general questions about my site, software etc on the Emuboards forum post here (Guest posting allowed).

Alternatively you can contact my by email at the address below. You will probably get a faster reply via the forums but if the question is more of a personal nature I will try and answer sooner:

guyfawkes @ (remove NOSPAM)


You can also find me on the following IRC channels on EFNet:

#emuholic - Emuholics official channel, rarely talk about homebrew and talk about rubbish all day :)
#gp2xdev - GP2X developers channel.
#gp2x - GP2X channel.
#zodiacgamer - Zodiac channel.