Deal Or No DealDeal Or No Deal

Author: Guyfawkes
Graphics: Guyfawkes, dgrams2000
Beta Testers:Dave Grams, BobBorakovitz, WrongEyedJesus, Deserthamster, Peter Roberts, Michel, Matt Cocker and Manny Burgos
Assistance: Dzz and CraigJ
Download: GP2X

As a quick sideline project from my remake of Rockstar Ate My Hamster I am coding a Deal Or No Deal game for the GP2X. If you are not familiar with the game, its a gameshow shown in a few countries, more information can be found at

It's taken seven months and with more delays than a London Underground train it's finally released to the public! I hope you enjoy the game, I have put many hours of work into this game to make it a hopefully quality game that will remain on your GP2X.

Deal or No Deal for the GP2X is a fan made interpretation of the hit TV show of the same name. It features US and UK game variants complete with their own graphics and gameplay to match the shows, Speech from the presenter, models and players, Highscore tables to play against your friends and a Fully written PDF user guide and loads more!

Heres a few of the comments from people that have played the game:

Winapa - Absoloutely brilliant piece of coding Guyfawkes! However, you owe me a GP2x, cos I can't get it back of my bloody wife now!!!!!!!!
drokkeh - lost me my GP2X. My gf picked it up and played deal or no deal and now i'm 'not allowed on it'.
Kikura - Thank-you so much for this, I am absolutely loving it. Even found the secret metioned in the manual
subcon959 - Very polished game indeed.. great stuff.
Gadget - Yeah baby!! Been waiting for this one =D Downloading now... Thanks a million :)
Shrubberyrobbery - very slick! this is great. whatever next - Countdown with Carol Vorderman? actually that's not a bad idea...
Thomas - Thanks for creating such an entertaining game. It is my wife's and I favorite game to play together on the gp2x. So in a sense, you brought us together closer (she hated video games).

If you have any feedback on the game such as bug reporting, suggestions for new features or would just like to say thanks for the game you can email me via the Contact page here or alternatively post on my homebrew games forum post here (free registration required) or on the forums here (also free registration required).

Deal Or No Deal for the GP2X is not associated with the TV Show or its production companies. It is a fan made version of the TV Show with no intention to cause offense or bring the name into disrepute.


Deal Or No Deal  Deal Or No Deal Deal Or No Deal  Deal Or No Deal
Deal Or No Deal  Deal Or No Deal
Deal Or No Deal  Deal Or No Deal
Deal Or No Deal  Deal Or No Deal