How to donate:

While all my software is totally free to download and play, you can still donate some money if you wish to. I will put any donated money to the upkeep of my server which hosts this site and Emuholic.

As a thank you for donating I will list your name on this page and also in any future projects I work on. If you would like to donate you can do so via PayPal, my email address is:

guyfawkes @

Remove the NOSPAM part from the email address. If you dont want to donate via PayPal, get in contact with me for other information. Thanks!


A very big thanks to the following who have donated:

  • Dodgyville
  • Sir Dragoon
  • Cakey
  • DisgruntleElf
  • Rabel1
  • Gadget
  • Thomas Bryant
  • Elías Carmona
  • GunPei2X