Author: Guyfawkes
Code, GFX, SFX: Guyfawkes
Music: Donskeeto



The game is a remake of the Javascript game Escapa which can be found at I set myself a challenge to create a game from scratch in under three hours which I completed in around 2 hour 48 minutes :)

The aim of the game is to avoid the bouncing blue squares by moving your red square around the play area. After ten second intervals the speed of the squares will increase making it increasingly more difficult. The game will end if you either touch a blue square or the side borders which are black. If you survive long enough you will be able to enter your name into the highscore table.

You can control the game either by using the GP2X Joypad or by USB Mouse if you have a BOB or Cradle.

I always enjoy receiving feedback so if you have any please let me know. Depending on if the game is popular enough I will continue work on it and tweak the gameplay and fix any reported bugs.


Escapa Escapa Escapa