GP2X User GuideGP2X User Guide

Author: Guyfawkes
Download: GP2X (v2.1.0)



This is the unofficial user guide for the GP2X. At over 40 pages, the guide contains everything from setting up your GP2X, installing and using software, listening to Music, watching Videos, reading E-Books, firmware flashing and an introduction to developing on the GP2X.

The guide is very popular (over 25,000 downloads) and is now distributed with GP2X's sold through various online stores.

New in v2.1.0:

  • redesigned the layout of the guide, looks a bit nicer now
  • rewrote some of the older parts of guide
  • rewrote firmware update guide. it now has two seperate sections, updating to v2.0.0 and updating to v2.1.0 as they are slightly different.
  • updated guide with new features in v2.1.0 firmware
  • added new sections for the GP2X Menu Skins and Breakout Board.
  • updated development introduction with a new setup I created, should make things easier and also using the very latest SDL libs.

If you notice any mistakes in the guide or have a suggestion on a new section to add please let me know.

This guide may be freely distributed provided it is not modified in any way and it is not sold for a profit. Stores selling the GP2X may include this PDF on their own demo CD/DVD or include a printed version.

If you are going to mirror this guide on your own website please ensure that the latest version is always used as the latest guide may contain important changes not found in an earlier version. The latest version can always be
found here.

If you find this user guide useful and would like to donate to the upkeep of it you can do so via PayPal. Further details can be found here. All donations go towards the upkeep of my site and if there is enough left over, new accessories for the GP2X.

All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. This guide is 100% unofficial and not endorsed by Gamepark Holdings. All non copyrighted or trademarked content is ownership of Guyfawkes/ Guyfawkes/ accepts no responsibility for mistakes in this User Guide.


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