Higher or Lower (GP2X Version)Higher or Lower

Code: Guyfawkes
Graphics: J2RSwiss and Mr. Zingh
Download: GP2X PSP



Higher or Lower is originally a game I wrote for the PSP in a few hours in between judging the entries for the GBAX Coding competition. As there was only one HTML game for the PSP which was entered I decided to write this game so PSP owners have one game to play :) The game is far from brilliant but should provide you with a few minutes of entertainment, what you expect for a few hours work? :) Go play DrMDx if you want something good :)

The GP2X version is ported from the PSP version and slightly changed for use on the GP2X, the main change is that there are less cards on screen (10 instead of 16) and the on screen guide is not shown on the GP2X. Other than that its the same game. Main reason for porting this game is that I wanted to get used to SDL and this was a quick port :)


Higher or Lower (GP2X Version)  Higher or Lower (GP2X Version)Higher or Lower (GP2X Version) Higher or Lower (PSP Version)