Author: Guyfawkes
Music: b.i.t. of eon by bit/eon
Speech: rvoice
Tiles: Guyfawkes (Zodiac Signs, Consoles, Fruit, Road Signs and Custom Tile 1)
Nem (Custom Tile 2),
DaveyG (Custom tile 3)
Splinter (Custom Tile 4)
Download: GP2X GP32

Memory is based on the classic tile matching game. You need to flip over 2 of the 24 tiles and try to match them. When they are matched they remain flipped. If the tiles do not match then the 2 tiles will flip back over. The game is complete when all the tiles are matched.

There are three game modes to play:

Normal - This is the standard game to practice on. No time limits etc.
Time Trial - You must match the tiles in the fastest time possible to get a highscore.
Challenge - 12 levels must be completed within a time limit, the first levels starts with 120 seconds and each level completed decreases the time by 10 seconds. Matching a tile will add 10 seconds to the current time limit. This is a very tricky mode to play so good luck!


Memory  Memory Memory