Pong FighterPong Fighter

Author: Guyfawkes
Music: Capcom (with permission!)
Download: GBA GP32



Pong Fighter was the first game I wrote for the GBA. It features:

  • One Player vs CPU mode - Main gameplay option
  • Two Player mode - Two player mode is not done via the link-up cable and instead uses the A/B/Right Shoulder buttons for player two controls. This is only an added extra which I have included for the sake of it. Two player Link-up is planned in the distant future.
  • Fireballs. Players can now fire fireballs at their opponents. If a fireball hits the opponent they are stunned for a few seconds which can lead to them missing the ball.
  • CPU AI Difficulty Levels - Choice of three dificulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard).
  • Energy Bars - Might has well go Street Fighter style and put in some energy bars :) Missing the ball will loose you energy, if your energy runs out its game over.

NOTE: GP32 version is unfinished and released as part of a pack of unfinished games.


Pong Fighter  Pong Fighter