Round Em UpRound Em Up

Author: Guyfawkes
Graphics: Guyfawkes
Download: GP2X Alpha release - now cancelled.


This game is now cancelled due to lack of interest. The game is fully playable so please check it out.

Round Em Up is my latest work in progress main project for the GP2X which I should hopefully have finished by the end of 2007, but don't quote me on that ;)

The aim of the game is to guide your sheep into their sheep pen (light green zone on screenshots). The sheep move around the play area and you must add or remove bushes to block their path and guide them into the sheep pen either within a specific time or a limited number of bushes.

There are a few obstacles such as rain clouds which make bushes grow, a rival farmers tractor which cuts down bushes and some special items such as a trap which holds your sheep until you disable them.

The game will feature pre designed levels which can be played as part of the main storyline but if you get bored of them you can create and share your own designs with the integrated level designer which allows you to create the map and make all the necessary settings. There will also be a random level generator for infinite gameplay.

The game can be played with either the GP2X joystick/button controls or for the most fun by using a BOB/Cradle and a mouse.

Currently the game is fully playable but I want to add some more optional obstacles and specials to make the game with more variety and more challenging. I also need to create many levels for the game so the game will probably be released as a beta so people can help out and make some.

You can download a video of the game in action here. Please note this is an older build of the game so some features mentioned here may not be seen.


Round Em Up  Round Em Up Round Em Up  Round Em Up
Round Em Up  Round Em Up
DRound Em Up