SDL Test ProgramSDL Test Program

Author: Guyfawkes
Download: GP2X



This is a little program that I originally wrote to test out some of the SDL functions and extra Libraries such as SDL_TTF, SDL_Image, SDL_Mixer to see if they are working correctly with my dev setup.

No idea if it will be of any use to people but it makes a nice little first program to compile and test your dev setup and also to maybe learn how to setup a program to run on the GP2X and PC.

So far it does a test for the following:

  • SDL_TTF - True Type Font text
  • SDL_Mixer - WAV, MOD, MP3 and OGG playback. OGG playback has volume and pause controls. MOD Playback seems to be slow at the moment, possible
    bug when compiling for GP2X?
  • SDL_Image - PNG, BMP and JPEG display with and without transparency
  • Input - GP2X and PC simulated buttons, useful when testing on PC
  • SDL Timer - Small example to make a timer
  • and loads more ;)

NOTE: To save download time I have not included example MP3 or OGG files. To do the test you must have a music.mp3 and music.ogg in the /sdltest/ folder

If you do want to test a certain function just comment out the functions code and it should run fine. Dont forget to copy the /sdltest/ folder to your SD Card otherwise it wont run correctly, I also added a .GPE if you just want to check it out without compiling.


SDL Test Program  SDL Test Program SDL Test Program